I tell stories by nature and inclination. For many years that passion has been focused on commercial photography and stock photography. In the past few years writing has taken an increasingly larger role in my life.  My imagery includes business, industry, travel, fly fishing, lifestyle and large commercial trucks.

I’ve produced libraries of commercial stock photography for a very long time.  Stock photography is actually the business of metaphorical images, and metaphors are stories, so it all fits. My wife Deborah and I own a stock photography company called Jetta Productions.  We are contributor members at Stocksy United and Mint Images Our images are also represented by Getty Images and Tetra Images.  We currently have thousands of images in the world marketplace, and pretty much every day, somewhere in the world one of our images sells.

Fly fishing is a distractive passion of mine, and some years ago it lead me into writing about travel, culture and fishing, which of course opened more doors than I imagined it might. As people who truly fly fish know, it's not about the fish.  It's about everything else, and then there's the occasional fish.  There are few people in the world who have the ability to bring their audience into a story by using both images and words.  On a very good day, I think I’m one of those people.

I want to invite the audience into my images, words, random thoughts, distractions, passions and general wonder at the world. I actually don’t see myself as an artist. It feels much more blue collar than all that. At best I see myself as a dedicated journeyman apprentice. My first job, no matter what is to tell a story, and to do it quickly. To the degree I’m able to be artistic in that pursuit, I'll do exactly that.