San Miguel 7 Luna 2
Saturday, October 19, 2019
By Walter Hodges
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One step at a time - the process continues and slows down.  What a terribly odd place to be.  We never saw Luna coming.  He just showed up and now he just is.  So many different things going on here mentally.  Seems like Luna and we are destined to be together, and we grow more attached every day, but then what happens when we get together?  Dogs love structure and routine and process.  It gives them a sense of place.  For the most part that gives humans a sense of place as well.  But Luna's been on his own, making his own decisions now for how long?  We don't know.  Generally, dogs don't do well making their own decisions.  They seek a hierarchy.  So what happens if he comes into the house and he can't run free?  He adapts?  He destroys the house?  He goes crazy, we go crazy?  Toss the dice?  Are they loaded?  Are we loaded?  How the hell did this happen?  We just keep putting one foot in front of the other now.  He's made great strides.  He comes up to us seeking attention.  He clearly reaches out now.  He's wearing Flanagan's old collar, and the collar is clearly helping him stay safer on the streets.  People know he's "with someone".  He even comes into our outside patio area and hangs with Atticus for a short while.  But he won't come in the house and he's still at a distance.  Sometimes more, sometimes less.  No predicting anything here.  We think we're making progress, but we think we're not.  I talked to a vet yesterday and she says we're doing everything right.  Let him make the decision to come to us.  Do NOT "take him".  Build trust slowly. As soon as we can get him settled better into the routine of coming into our outside patio area and better used to strangers, the vet will come out and give him a sedative so he can be examined and given medicine to make him safer from a health standpoint.  We got worm medicine into him at least.  Isn't this the shits?  You want what you can't have and then you get it and you regret it or it's the best decision ever and you don't know and you just have to have some faith and isn't that the nature of spirit and of god?


I have a friend who is a very spiritual guy.  He says the following - X is where you are and Y is where you want to go, so you go there.  But all of a sudden the road disappears.  You got no map of any kind.  You're out of cell phone range.  You're just out there and you got no path to where you want to go.  Empty.  If you choose to travel roads that lead to distant border crossings, real or imagined, physical or mental, only one thing will get you past that border.  You have to make that jump on pure faith.  Only way to do it.  Saunter, stride, amble, leap, stumble, crash, cannonball dive, or do your own version of Kramer crashing through a doorway on Seinfield.  Somehow you just get there, cause you do.  You don't build faith by blindly believing some God is gonna save your ass.  You build faith by doing the homework and putting in the time.  Taking care to take care.  God doesn't save you.  You save you.  And in the process, maybe you find God living inside yourself.  You'll figure something out :-).  Cause that's what you do at distant border crossings.  That's God's will, not God's won't.  So we take another step.


I'm disappearing here for a few days.  Got some friends visiting from out of town for a week.  I imagine we'll do the odd post now and again.  Adding a few random images here of Luna and us learning how to deal with one another.  Damn, what an odd dance we got going here.  All our friends tell us to be patient.  We'll do that.  Won't make it any less weird, but we'll do that.  Gotta let the big horse run here.  Have some faith that Luna will see find his way and we will find ours.  


Stay close,




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